Employee information directly on the web and mobile

SmartHamster is an Intranet for companies to publish their internal content such as policies, documents, forms for leave request, salary specifications and compliance courses.


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Rent eco-friendly moving boxes

Bluebox rents eco-friendly, reusable moving boxes delivered to your home or office in the San Francisco Bay Area. Instead of cardboard boxes, these boxes are made of plastic and will be delivered to your addr...

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The CTO Playbook

A leadership book for people working with developers

The art of developing an application has been well described in various coding books that you can find gathering dust on almost all developers desks around the world. This is not that bo...

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Introducing Messo: The Ultimate in Secure, Private Communication

In today's world, privacy is more important than ever. With so much of our personal information being shared and stored online, it can be difficult to know w...

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