16 Dec

Asking ChatGPT about AI ethics and opportunities

Dear ChatGPT - what's the current status of AI?

I asked the latest hype – our new companion ChatGPT from what it thinks about ethical concerns...

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13 Dec

Agile basics

What's agile all about?

Being a big topic ten years ago - fast forward til today - is it still interesting? Yes, very much. And no, the basics hasn't really changed.

Agile product development is a method of creating and delivering p...

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17 Nov

What to pay

What is the time from someones life worth?

The topic of salaries and renumeration is a huge topic that deserves its own book. My take on it is that people should be paid fairly, to their market “value” and “enough”. 

Up to a cer...

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16 Nov

We are hiring CTO-consultants

Join us as a CTO-consultant

TMC are expanding and now we are looking for more CTO's. Our mission is to "Change the way technical products are built from the ground and up". This means we build products by involving developers on all "stage...

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10 Nov


Getting new developers up to speed and give them a warm welcome.

One thing is for sure. You will be doing this activity together with new people joining your company many times. No matter how much don't want people to leave and you are tol...

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08 Nov

Hiring the right people

Getting the right people on board is as hard as it sounds.

Having the right people on the team is of course very important. But who are the right people and where can you find them? Not so easy. Finding your future coworkers takes a lot of...

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12 Aug

Developers on an equity model

Are you bored at work?

Working within technology for almost two decades, I've obviously met a lot of developers. There is much to be said about all the great people I've had the chance to work with – but in this post I'd like to focus on s...

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25 Jul

The CTO Playbook

New book out!

The art of developing an application has been well described in various coding books that you can find gathering dust on almost all developers desks around the world. This is not that book. There may be some technical referen...

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23 Jun

Hyro becomes Juice

It’s with great joy that we can announce that Hyro has become part of Juice, a new and innovative recruitment platform.

Announcement: The danish recruitment platform called Hyro will be closed and moved to Juice. Hyro was...

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15 Jun

Come sailing with me

Updated: new sailing opportunity

Who wants to go sailing with me?

The boat has 6 spaces and the Vierwaldstättersee is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.
Tuesday September 12th, 18-21 is the time.

What could be m...

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